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All you need to know about how we do things here

what you need to know

When you buy gear through our shop you support a small New Zealand business.

  • We are the people behind Packrafting New Zealand Visit Who we are to learn more about us.Logo Packrafting New Zealand
  • We stand fully behind the brands we have in our shop as we are using all of them on our tours, courses, and private trips. Or we have extensively tested them.
  • If you after cheap knock-offs or you don’t need to rely on your gear this is not the right place.
  • As a small company we only hold limited stock of a few selected items and to keep pricing and lead times competitive we have arranged a few special deals with the companies we are dealing with.


Process till you get your order

    • The best way to put your order through is via the online shop that way we have all the needed details.
    • As soon as your $ is in our account we will pass your order on or send it if in stock. We will email you in case we don’t have it in stock.
    • Some items are being manufactured to your order some get to send out the next day
    • UPS is our preferred transport service, in general, they take 5 – 10 days for everything coming from overseas.
    • Your Item hits Customs Nz & clearance usually takes a couple days depending how busy they are
    • Nz Post is the last piece in the puzzle before you get your hands on your new toy
    • We will try and update the shop regularly through the process and if your email address is correct you will receive messages from where your order is in the process


All our prices are in Nz$ and include 15% Gst and include all the fees involving Customs New Zealand. They will adjust with the currency exchange rate of the Us$. Our System grabs the latest rate once per day.

Follow the link to Customs New Zealand to calculate the rough cost for an item if you would bring it into New Zealand yourself.

Please get in touch if you have Questions!?

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