Expedition (Second Hand)

Selling my private Expedition boat. The size is large and has a removable ww-deck. The boat is in, as new conditions ( well looked after ) other than the odd scratch from the paddle or rocks on the bottom.



Pay a 10% deposit per item


Alpacka Raft was born out of a 700-mile traverse of Alaska’s Brooks Range guided only by a topo-map. Expeditions are in our blood. More than just a trip, an expedition means testing your limits, pushing into the unknown, and sometimes enduring a bit of suffering on the way. Weight is at a premium, but so is performance. To be successful, you make choices between nice to have and need to have.

The Expedition is higher performance than the Classic but is lighter and more packable than the Wolverine. It earns its name by combining our high-performance Rally Hull with classic seating, backband, thigh strap, and foot brace attachments, and our special performance fit. The result, Alpacka Raft’s most versatile packraft, for big backcountry adventure miles, weekend excursions, and your local whitewater runs — the perfect packraft for every type of trip you take.


Build Configurations:

REMOVABLE WHITEWATER DECK: the Removable WW Deck features the same cockpit as the standard Whitewater Deck, but with a perimeter zipper for converting to an open boat for more relaxing days. The Removable WW Deck maximizes versatility for the broadest range of paddling conditions.  The standard WW deck is a drier option, and a better choice for cold water and extended whitewater.

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