Petzel Meteor

Petzel Meteor II – Multisport Helmet

These helmets used to have a multisport rating on them and due to the cost involved the company ( Petzel ) has decided not to renew that license again. It is still the same Helmet and we are using them for our multi-day expeditions. That said however it is everyone’s personal decision on how much risk you are willing to accept on your trips. For whitewater trips with a high chance of capsizing or heaps of rocks involved we still highly recommend a proper whitewater helmet as they are designed for this environment.



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Designed for climbing, mountaineering, and ski touring, the METEOR helmet is lightweight and low profile, with excellent ventilation, making it comfortable for both summer and winter. The design provides reinforced protection to the top and circumference of the head. METEOR is the first CE-certified ski touring helmet. Optimal integration points for ski goggles or visors, making it a thoughtfully styled helmet that is optimized for ski touring. This helmet does not meet the requirements of the EN 1077 standard for alpine ski helmets.


Size                                               Small/Medium         Medium/Large
Head circumference                    48 – 58 cm             53 – 61 cm
Weight                                                   225 g                     240 g

Additional information

Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 30 cm